How to Make Garden Art Out of an Old Window Frame

Here is how to convert vintage window into an adorable masterpiece. You’re going to love it. 

As eyes are considered to be the mirrors of the soul, the windows are considered to reflect the standard, beauty and aesthetics of your house. You can tell loads about a house by observing its windows, and also the truth is that recent windows don't compliment your home – but, rather than throwing them away, you'll simply regenerate or repurpose them in many alternative and inventive ways. Here’s how!

To reuse and recycle old windows is indeed an inspiring idea. For example, a vintage window can be turned into a beautiful picture frame. Old tall windows can also be made as a beautiful garden trellis. 

Here is an amazing idea for you to repurpose the old windows. Here is the project of Sherree M. to repurpose old windows.

"I love old windows and the possibilities," Sherree wrote about the project.

As it was summer so she decided to use some light reflecting apparatus. She ended up with small transparent and colorful marbles. 

The only supplies she needed for the project were a frame of an old window and marbles.

The first step to the project was to clean the old frame and making sure it was completely dry.

The next step was to paint the frame. She chooses a patriotic theme. The theme or color can be chosen according to the place, environment, weather etc. 

So, after cleaning the frame, she decided to paint the frame a rustic shade of red.

When done with the paint she started to draw a pattern of flag using red, blue and transparent marbles. She created an alternative pattern of rows of red and transparent marbles.

In the upper left square, she used blue marbles to create a pattern of stars. The glue may take some time to dry.

An adorable piece of art is created from old window. It is a perfect decoration for the summer season.

Find more details about this project here.
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