To Die For Crescent Rolls Recipes

Not only are crescent rolls a family favorite, as they’re super delicious, most people probably have a tube in their kitchen pretty frequently. But you no longer have to use them simply as a side with dinner, as they can also be used to easily create awesome desserts and party favorite treats as well.

With this list of delicious options you can make using crescent rolls, you will have tons of new cooking inspiration.

Crescent Pizza Roll

Who needs traditional pizza with great recipes like this! Simply wrap cheese, pepperoni, and any toppings you desire inside the crescent roll, and bake on 375°F for 12-15 minutes.

Pair it with some warm marinara sauce for dipping, and enjoy! There’s a full tutorial here.

Buffalo Chicken Ring

Instead of creating individual rolls, you can switch things up by creating a ring. Just wrap the crescent roll around buffalo chicken and serve with ranch, and you’ll have a splendid party favorite. A detailed recipe can be found here.

Spinach and Artichoke Roll

Spinach and artichoke dip is always a crowd-pleaser, so it makes perfect sense to create an innovative spin on the traditional dip.

Wrap the dip in a crescent roll, and bake for 30 minutes. Learn more here.

Ham and Cheese Roll

Ditch the boring ham and cheese sandwich and try a crescent roll version today.

It’s perfect for school lunches, parties, or just a wonderful every day lunch. The instructions can be found here.

French Dip

This is a superb sandwich favorite that you would normally have to buy from a restaurant just to get the Au Jus sauce right. Not anymore!

Throw some roast beef and cheese in, wrap it up, and follow this recipe here.

Jalapeño Popper Roll

Mini jalapeño poppers that are so delicious, you’ll just have to try them to believe it!

All you need is cream cheese, jalapeño peppers, bacon, and crescent rolls to get started. Click here to read more.

Stuffed Taco Roll

Who says tacos need to be in a shell? With the help from a little seasoned ground beef, you’ll be on the way to making stuffed rolls that taste even better than traditional tacos. Check out the instruction here.

Cream Cheese and Asparagus Roll

Nothing goes better together than cream cheese and asparagus. Click here for more details.


S’Mores no longer has to be a camping treat! You can finally bring them indoors with the help of crescent rolls and the instructions here.

Strawberry Cream Cheese Danish

This Danish may be a little smaller than any you could buy at the store, but you’ll no longer need to leave the house when you get a craving.

They might not look so special before you bake it, but the end result will have you begging for more! Click here for more information.

Lemon Cheesecake Roll

Traditionally, cheesecake takes a lot of countless time to prepare, but with this excellent roll form, you can make it much faster.

Bake as per the directions here, and glaze the top.

Chocolate Nutella Croissant

All you need for this impeccable dessert is a little Nutella and some crescent rolls.

Just roll them up, bake, and enjoy! There are step-by-step details here if you need them.

Apple Cinnamon Roll

Isn’t it amazing just how well apple and cinnamon truly go together?!

Simply wrap up an apple slice, sprinkle with cinnamon sugar, and bake. Find more detailed instructions here.

Pumpkin Pie Roll

One of fall’s favorite treats can now be made at any time, and created in smaller, manageable bites. Check out the full recipe here.
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