One Easy Craft Project Kids Will Love

One Easy Craft Project Kids Will Love

If you’re looking for a fun project to create with your kids, look no further! This easy and enjoyable project uses only things you most likely already have in your house, and any kid that loves to paint will love the way this will spark their creativity.

With just three ingredients, the combination is simple. Plus, after it dies, it takes on a 3D look that the entire family will enjoy.

Thanks to Debbie Chapman from One Little Project, everyone can now create art in a way they never thought possible. This craft was a fun experiment for her to try out with her daughters, but soon became a family favorite.

All you need is shaving cream, any basic school glue, food coloring, a paint brush, and some paper.

Debbie began by pouring a little school glue into a small bowl.

Next, she added in the shaving cream. According to Debbie, you should try to use equal amounts of glue and shaving cream for the best results, but it’s overall hard to really mess up because the result will still be pretty cool.

Then, she used food dye to color the mixture. “I added about 10 to 15 drops of food coloring into each of our colors,” added Debbie.

Debbie wrote “Keep in mind that as the puff paint dries, the color will get darker, so don’t be too worried if it looks too light at this point.”

Next, she mixed everything together and repeated the process for each color she wanted to make.

After that, everyone created fun pieces of art with their new homemade puff paint.

As the paint touches the paper, it doesn’t spread out flat as most paint does. Instead, it creates fluffy shapes, creating a really awesome effect.

After the paint dries, it even remains the same shape. Debbie even kept one as white to use for clouds, and it still turned out awesome!

As the paint dried, it did get a little darker in color.

“After it dried, the girls kept wanting to poke it with their fingers to feel the texture,” Debbie relayed about the project in her post. “None of us could resist the cool foaminess!”

To learn more about Debbie’s puff paint project, you can find more details here.
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