How to Upgrade Boring Blinds to Roman Shades

How to Upgrade Boring Blinds to Roman Shades

Have you ever looked at your blinds, and wanted nothing more than to grab the scissors and just start cutting? You’re not alone! Pull-cord blinds may be a standard that comes in most houses, but they can be a huge pain. The cords are easily tangled, the slats break into pieces, and they’re just…ugly. Often, the eyesore stays until you finally can afford to replace them.

If your blinds are driving you crazy, you don’t have to pretend they aren’t there anymore with this insanely easy trick for upgrading your blinds to Roman shades. Not only is this method extremely easy, it won’t empty your wallet, and you can use the blinds you already have to make them.

All you need is the old, crappy blinds, mod podge, the upholstery fabric of your choice, scissors, clothespins, and an iron.

To begin, lay your old blinds flat on the floor. Using your scissors, cut all of the ladder strings located on both sides of the blinds (these are the strings that keep the blinds connected to each other).

Separate a few of the slats ensuring there’s enough to cover the window entirely with each slat about seven inches apart, which will be about a handful of the amount you already have.

Snap off the ends of the slats that aren’t being used so that you can slide the pieces off the strings without needing to cut any more.

Spread out the remaining slats that you set aside (which should remain attached to the string) on top of the fabric you’ve chosen to work with.

Then, fold all of the fabric’s edges around the slats, using the mod podge to glue them.

Next, secure the folded area with a clothespin to keep the fabric from moving while it dries.

Once everything is dry, simply hang up your new shades the same way they were before the project and enjoy!

This simple project may just look better than anything else you could have bought from the store!

Watch the video for more detailed instructions.

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