How To Turn A Dated Dresser Into A Mini Mudroom

Garage sales can be full of wonderful treasures perfect for DIY projects. It may take a little digging, but sometimes old junk actually is a treasure waiting to happen.

Corey from Sawdust 2 Stitches picked up a dresser for only $15 at a garage sale that she completely transformed into something amazing. As she explains, she was drawn to the dresser because it happened to be symmetrical on all sides. She removed the drawers to discover even the top and bottom were the same as well. It may have only been in just okay condition, but it had been created from really good wood, so Corey took it home.

Because the shape of the dresser was what sparked Corey’s interest in the first place, she flipped it on its side to see what she could create.

This is exactly how she decided to transform the furniture piece into storage for coats and shoes.

To begin, she stripped the dresser to its bare necessities and added more support.

To completely recreate the infrastructure of the piece, Corey added shelves on the right side that were not there before.

Then, she took apart the drawers and repainted the front of them.

After a fresh coat of paint, she equipped the empty drawers of the piece with pull-out coat hooks.

After she completed the project and decorated it, the once dresser doesn’t even seem like it was anything else before. She added a space on the left perfect for hanging coats, and storage on the right for baskets and knick-knacks.

Even the lower right side is used to serve as a shoe organizer!

Corey placed it by the front door of her home for jackets, keys, shoes, and so much more. To see more photos and the full details of her project, head here.
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