How to Repurpose an Old Door into a Bed Frame

How to Repurpose an Old Door into a Bed Frame

While no one would expect to find an old door on the side of the road, take it home, and put it in the bedroom, that’s exactly what one blogger did to create the perfect headboard.

Beckie from Infarrantly Creative was out on a date night with her husband one evening and stumbled across an old wooden door on a curb. She says she instantly knew exactly what she could do with a good, solid piece of wood to transform her master bedroom.

To begin, Beckie had to clean up the dirty, disgusting door before she could put it anywhere near her bed.

She wrote, “Besides being filthy, it had two coats of paint on it that was chipped and ugly.” So she decided to “strip the door down to bare wood. I felt like just cleaning it up and painting over it wouldn’t give me the look I wanted.”

First, she had to take off the doorknob and the knocker to begin stripping the paint.

She then sanded the door in order to prep it for a fresh coat of paint.

In order to make the door look like a headboard, Beckie attached a piece of crown molding to a side of the door to give it a more finished look found in bed frames.

After the piece was added, she painted the door white, distressing the paint a little to add some detail.

Then, it was time to mount the new door frame to the wall by her bed. She achieved this by using a French cleat.

She then slid the door in place onto the cleat to hold it in place. However, Beckie didn’t worry about covering up the hole where a doorknob once was because it would be strategically hidden behind the mattress.

After the bed frame was in place, she then slid the bed back into place.

As Beckie wrote, “After a decade of living without a headboard, we finally have a headboard I adore, and I am so proud in making part of our home.”

To see more photos from Beckie’s project and learn all the details to create your own, click here.
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