How to Make a Storage Container Garden Pond

Whether you’re a gardener, a landscaper, or just a plant enthusiast, this DIY garden pond project will be a dream come true. Even better, the entire thing will only cost $30, according to The Garden Glove, and the final result is something you simply need to see for yourself.

Traditional garden ponds may require fancy pond liners and quite a bit of planning, but this DIY version will keep things much more simple.

Here’s what you’ll need to get started:

. Rubbermaid storage container with the ability to hold water
. Fountain pump (or a solar powered pump)
. A few concrete pavers
. Your choice of rocks or stones in varying sizes
. A plant that’s tolerant of water (like water grass)


1. Choose the best location

Try to find a spot that gets a good amount of sunlight and has enough space for the storage container you’ve chosen. The Garden Glove suggests you should "Decide where to place your water feature. If you don’t have power nearby, consider a solar powered fountain pump." Just be sure to avoid gas and electric lines that may be in the yard.

2. Dig a hole

Once you have your container in the ground, you can use the rocks to anchor the pump in place, keeping everything sturdy.

3. Lay the flat pavers out

Position the pavers along the edge of the container to slightly cover the edges of it. They, and the rocks, can be used to hide any unwanted power cords from sight.

4. Strategically lay down rocks or stones for design purposes
5. Safeguard the water plant by using the rocks to cover the plant container, keeping the plant in the location you’ve chosen.
6. Fill the pond with water, adjusting the pump to the setting of your preference.

How to Make a Storage Container Garden Pond

Don’t forget to take care of your garden pond by remembering to "Clean your water feature on a regular basis, and use an algae inhibitor available at your home improvement store where they sell pond supplies."
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