How to Create the Perfect Easter Cake

There is nothing wrong with making a basic cake, but simply by adding in one extra cut, you can create something twice as alluring that’s perfect for Easter.

On her blog, Jenny Steffens Hobick shared this simple way to completely transform any basic sheet cake into a cute bunny cake just in time for the holiday.

The simple vanilla cake recipe is paired with cream cheese icing, creating a cake that looks as if it took so much longer to make than it actually did and you don’t even need to be an experienced baker to create it yourself!

Jenny presents some delicious, moist cake and fantastic icing recipes you can follow, but you can choose any recipe that you prefer or even use a mix from a box at any store.

When you finish baking the cake, simply cut the entire cake into two and let it cool off.

Next, cover the top of one of the halves with a thick layer of icing, placing the other half on top of it. Also, cover a small piece of cardboard with frosting as well.

Let the cake stand on its side with the frosting directly on the cutting board so the entire thing stays in place.


It will basically look like a huge taco for now, but next you will cut off a top corner of the cake using a knife to form the bunny’s head. You will use a scrap of the piece you just cut off to create the tail.

Then, cover the entire thing with icing. If you don’t care for coconut, simply place the cake in the fridge and reapply another coat of icing later. While completing the second coat, you want to use a fork to make the frosting appear more like a bunny’s fur.

However, if you do enjoy coconut, instead of completing the second coat of frosting, cover the entire cake in coconut flakes to really get a great texture.

By now, it begins to look like a bunny. Lastly, cut out some paper ears, sliding them behind the bunny’s head.

With such a simple process, there are not many toppings or designs on top to fuss over when it’s time to enjoy the cake.

Plus, these adorable bunnies are perfect for your Easter celebration!

This cake can even be modified by using a chocolate cake and dipping the coconut flakes in melted chocolate before sticking them on the cake for some variety (or if you just love chocolate).

To find all the details on Jenny’s bunny cakes, head here.
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