DIY Dreamy Light-Up Headboard

DIY Dreamy Light-Up Headboard

Cutting excess luxuries out, no matter if it’s food, electronics, or work, can be a difficult struggle. With this awesome DIY project curtesy of Meredith from The Palette Muse, letting go of the traditional headboard will be smooth and painless.

As Meredith explains, her bedroom was pretty small and just felt cramped with so much furniture. Needless to say, this project really helped open up the space by thinning out some of the furniture like a traditional headboard and footboard while remaining elegant. It even looked fantastic during daylight hours.

DIY Dreamy Light-Up Headboard

Here’s what you’ll need to create a light-up headboard:

— A curtain rod with the ability to expand at least 70 inches
— 3 or more curtain panels (with clips if the panels lack backtabs)
— 1-2 strings of white string lights either 80-100 piece lights
— Nails or tacks (3M Command hooks also work well)
— Remote control plug adapter

Meredith does note a few things to consider before you begin:

her bed is a queen (for perspective purposes)
If you have light colored walls, you will need white string lights. However, if you have darker colored walls, green will work best.
Be careful in selecting curtains, as you don’t want them to be too sheer or too heavy.

To begin, place the curtain rod in position on the wall behind your bed. Then, take a step back to make sure everything is centered as you would like.

Next, place eight nails or tracks 4 inches below the curtain rod. Be sure to space them about 8 or 9 inches apart for the best effect. Then, string the lights through the nails or tracks, whichever you chose. Once you have the lights in place and plugged in, it’s time to get the curtain together.

When you are ready to hang the curtains, Meredith suggests you will get a smoother look by joining "the edges of the curtain panels together on one clip, with the seams facing backward to the wall."

You get the full effect extremely well at night and the result truly is dreamy. Even better, if you enjoy books, Meredith added "you’ll have just enough light to read by, while still keeping a cozy ambience in the room."

To see the full tutorial and learn more about Meredith’s work, just head over to her site.
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