DIY Concrete Light Bulb Coat Rack

There are tons of DIY projects out there to make a coat rack, but there may not be one this inventive and unique. By using lightbulbs, cement, and recycled wood, this project takes the most unusual materials and places them together to truly make an awesome coat rack.

To begin, you want to remove the inside components of the lightbulbs using pliers.

Fill the now empty lightbulb with cement.

Place a screw through a small piece of cardboard. Then, put the head of the screw inside the opening of the lightbulb while the cement is still wet.

After the cement has completely dried, remove the glass from the lightbulb. Be careful so you don’t cut yourself while breaking the glass.

The result should be a solid concrete bulb.

Next, find two pieces of old wood and remove any nails it may have.

Stain the boards to make them look new again.

Once the finish has dried, drill holes into the wood for the screws attached to the concrete lightbulbs.

Screw the concrete lightbulbs into place.

Now, just admire your handiwork.


You can also improve your Coat Rack using wallpaper.

DIY Concrete Light Bulb Coat Rack

With a coat rack like this, you will definitely have a very original place to hang your coats!
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