14 Ways to Use PVC Pipe to Improve Your Home

14 Ways to Use PVC Pipe to Improve Your Home

Using PVC pipe isn’t exactly the first to come to mind while you’re considering updating your home, but there are actually many ways to use the material inside a home, some you may not have ever considered. It can be used to decorate or organize in such an easy and effective way.

Here are 14 ways you can use PVC pipe to improve your home:

1. Organize shoes

Shoes can be difficult to store in a way that keeps the pairs together unless you buy a shoe organizer. Instead, save your money and use PVC pipe to create your own with the help from the details here.

2. Create planters

Unfortunately, planters can get pretty expensive. With the help of a PVC pipe, you can create your own cheaper planters that will look just as good as any from the store. Learn how to create them here.

3. Hang up a razor

Once a razor sits in the shower, it can be at risk of rust and gathering unwanted germs. By handing them, your razor won’t get wet or ruined any longer. Create your own here.

4. Organize silverware

Simply by combining skinny pieces of pipes into a bundle and adding a little flare creates the perfect silverware caddy for any occasion. You can learn more here.

5. Store boots

To store boots while you’re not wearing them, and reducing wrinkles, PVC pipe is just what you need! You can keep your boots out of the way and find the full details here.

6. Make door décor

A snowflake can easily be made out of PVC pipe that is perfect for the holidays! This project can even be modified into different shapes as well. Click here for the full details.

7. Establish a place for hair appliances

This great idea will not only free up some cabinet space, your tools will be easily accessible every morning while still not being in the way. Find out more here.

8. Hang up measuring spoons

Kitchen drawers and be cluttered, and if you already have a lack of space due to a tiny kitchen, this may be your best option. Plus, you’ll be able to find everything you need every time. Learn more here.

9. Declutter a desk

Finally, a cheap and easy way to store all your desk essentials in one spot while having the ability to find everything you need quickly. Thanks to PVC pipes and the details here, you can create your own in no time!

10. Store yard tools

Tools often end up thrown in a corner of the garage, but if you want to organize your space more efficiently, you can learn how to here.

11. Hide toothbrushes

Most people keep their toothbrushes in a cup or organizer on the counter, but if you have limited space, hanging them is a great solution. Get started today by clicking here.

12.Regulate toys

This idea will not only keep tiny toys off the floor, they will be readily accessible when it’s play time and it will bring some nice color to any room. Find all the details here.

13. Organize drawers

The drawer full of undergarments can be difficult to keep organized, but using PVP pipe can help keep things under control. Learn how to reconstruct your drawer here.

14. Build flower vases

Because the pipes are narrow, they are great for creating elegant vases and small bouquets. All you need is a couple coats of gold spray paint, and you have a modern vase. Click here to make your own.
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