13 Veggies You Can Easily Regrow at Home

13 Veggies You Can Easily Regrow at Home

If you have a limited amount of space to grow your own veggies at home, you can still utilize a vegetable garden at home with certain vegetables that can be regrown again and again with the help of kitchen scraps.

These 13 different vegetables are not only easy to grow with the necessary amount of water and sunlight, you can finally eat organic foods regularly at little to no cost to you. Plus, this is even a fun, educational project for kids as they watch the scraps regrow time and again.

1. Basil

Simply by placing the basil stems with leaf nodes into a glass of water and placing them in an area with lots of sun, you can regrow basil easily. Just wait for the roots to grow near 2 inches before transferring it to a pot with soil. Check out the full tutorial from The Urban Gardener.

2. Romaine Lettuce

The bottom of the stump of romaine lettuce can be used to regrow the plant when places in a ½ inch of water for a few days. Then, when the leaves begin to regrow, transfer them into soil. Fast, Cheap, and Good has an awesome tutorial.

3. Carrots

To regrow carrots, place the carrot tops into water in a very well-lit room. Learn more at Figety Fingers.

4. Green Onion

One of the easiest vegetables to regrow, you can cut green onions about ½ inch from their roots and place them in a glass of water. There’s a great tutorial at We are not Foodies.

5. Garlic

Garlic can sprout from a single garlic clove with the help of a glass of water. You could even plant garlic cloves directly in soil as well. Learn more at Simple Daily Recipes.

6. Celery

Cut off the base of the celery stick and place it in a bowl of warm water directly in a sunny area. As the new leaves grow from the middle of the base, it will thicken in only 5-7 days before you can transfer in into soil. Master this project with the help of 17 Apart.

7. Cilantro

Place cilantro stems in a glass of water and watch it grow. When the roots become long enough, you can place it in soil, always in a sunny spot, and wait a few months. Receive all the details at Green Jean.

8. Bok Choy

By placing the root end of bok choy face up in water, it can easily be regrown. After only a few days, it will start to grow and in 1-2 weeks it can be transferred to a pot filled with soil to fully grow. There’s a full tutorial at 17 Apart.

9. Lemongrass

Place the stalks in water and when the roots spring out, in 2-3 weeks, you can plant the lemongrass. Check out Suited To The Seasons for more information.

10. Ginger

To regrow ginger, soak the ginger chucnks in water overnight before transferring them to a pot with soil. Make sure to keep them in a warm, sunny area, and learn more from Chiot’s Run.

11. Sweet Potato

Simply place a sweet potato in a jar of water that’s directly in the sunlight. Once it has sprouted, it can be replanted in soil. Read more from Home Joys.

12. Onion

The bottom of an onion is all you need to regrow this vegetable. Simply cut off the bottom of the onion, let it dry, and plant it in soil. Instructables has a great tutorial.

13. Leeks

Similar to regrown green onions, you want to cut leeks near 2 inches from the roots. Then, just place them in a glass of water and watch them grow. Review the details at Enchanted Wellness & Fitness.
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