10 Tricks to Reuse Pool Noodles Around the Home

Pool noodles make summer time pool days so much fun. Not only does every pool owner most likely have a few of them lying around, many people even without their own personal pools probably have one or two. During the off season, they go relatively unused, but they actually have a lot more uses that you may not have considered.

1. Utilize a noodle to keep  a toddler in bed

If your little one is having trouble transitioning to a big kid bed, you can help keep them from rolling out by placing a noodle under the fitted sheet along the edge of the bed. Click here to learn more.

2. Block cold drafts during winter

If you have a drafty house, you can make it more energy efficient by keeping the cold out and the heat in during winter by blocking the gap at the bottom of your doors. Just cut the noodle in half and place the pieces inside a pair of stockings or a large pillow case. While this would work in the summer as well, it’s definitely very important during the winter. Learn more by clicking here.

3. Store boots upright

Boots can take up a lot of closet space as they droop over to one side. By keeping them upright, you will reduce wrinkles and keep your boots looking nice longer. Explore this idea further here.

4. Protect a car door (and the garage wall)

With this awesome hack, you won’t have to worry about banging your car door on the wall of the garage as you try to get out ever again. This can be extremely useful if you have kids. Review the steps here.

5. Create your own door stopper

To prevent accidental door slams and possible tiny fingers getting shut in the door, create your own door stopper. You can find out more here.

6. Easily put water in a large bucket

Lifting a heavy bucket into the sink just to fill it up with water can be a struggle that you never have to encounter again. Read more about this idea here.

7. Keep nice clothing wrinkle free

Avoid creases and wrinkles in your nice work clothing by hanging them to dry on a noodle hanger. Learn how the foam will allow the clothing to completely dry while eliminating any unwanted lines by clicking here.

8. Build an awesome fort

With the help of some duct tape, pool noodles, and a few sheets, you can build the fort of your dreams that the entire family will love (especially the kids). Review how it’s done here.

9. Safeguard the trampoline

The springs on the edges of trampolines can pinch and otherwise hurt if you get too close. By covering them with pool noodles, you can eliminate all those worries as your kids play. Find out more about this project here.

10. Make a beautiful wreath

A pool noodle is the perfect base to create your own wreath. Not only is it easy to form a circle shape, you can even stick materials directly into the foam to make sure everything stays in place. Master the steps to create your own here.
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