Tips and Tricks to Keep Your Garage De-Cluttered All Year Long

If you work at your garage one step at a time you can get it in order and completely transform your messy, disorganized garage into something beautiful, clean, and organized. With simply steps like increasing storage options or getting your entire family to help out, you can make your garage look ten times better. Soon, you’ll want to spend all your time working on projects in the garage!

Here are a few awesome tips to keep your garage decluttered all year long:

Install overhead storage bins

You can easily create a track on the ceiling of your garage to slide in storage bins. They can easily hold lighter items up and out of the way.

Store garbage bags on a towel rack

Instead of piling up boxes of garbage bags in the garage, install a towel rack on your wall to keep them neat and off precious shelf space.

Elevate your bikes

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Leaning bikes against the wall takes up a lot of unnecessary space. Install bike hangers so you can declutter, keep bikes secure, and completely out of the way.

Designate a work bench

Make a work bench or tool area somewhere you want to work, can take pride in, and aspire to keep it organized.

Find a storage solution that works for you

Think of ways that could work for you in regards to storing tools and accessories like magnets.

Store things in boxes

Rather than tossing your unwanted stuff in the corner of the garage, place them in easily transportable boxes so you can just pop it in the car when it’s time to take them to the donation center.

Move the garbage and recycling outdoors

Eliminate garbage puddles, stains, and bad odors by simply moving it all outside.

Get the family involved

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Coats and boots go where they belong each and every time, cutting down on the amount of time spent organizing.

With these awesome tips and tricks, you’ll be on your way to having an immaculate garage in no time!
Tips and Tricks to Keep Your Garage De-Cluttered All Year Long Tips and Tricks to Keep Your Garage De-Cluttered All Year Long Reviewed by Paul on 4:33 PM Rating: 5
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