How to Make Your Own Fun Glow Stick Nightlight

With winter looming over our heads, it gets dark in the early evening and energy bills can get expensive. Turning the lights on from around 4pm clear until you go to bed at night and again in the morning before the sun has even come up can cost a pretty penny.

In fact, many people may already be experimenting with alternatives as candles. The downside is that candles are dangerous to have around children, and could be disastrous if you were to fall asleep with them still burning. No one wants to worry about burning the house down!

Don’t you wish there were another safe alternative out there? Well, with this easy DIY project, you can add a little glow to your kids’ rooms (or any other room in the house).

Here’s what you’ll need:

. Glass jars or bottles (mason jars and empty Coca-Cola bottles work perfectly)
. A couple packets of kids’ party glow sticks
. Protective gloves
. Scissors

The easy step-by-step instructions:
  1. First, make sure you’re wearing your protective gloves while handling the glow stick’s chemicals.
  2. Pick up one of the glow sticks and snap it to get the glowing chemicals flowing. 
  3. Carefully cut through one end of the glow stick.
  4. Let the glow goo drip very generously down the inside of the jar or bottle you’ve selected. 
  5. Make sure to coat all the sides from top to bottom. Depending on how large your jars and glow sticks are, you may need more than one stick per jar. 
  6. Allow them to sit outside or in an open area to dry.

Once you’ve coated the jar with the chemical, it should already be glowing. Simply place several of the jars near each other to provide a nice, muted glow to guide your way through the house in the darker hours. You can even place some flowers inside the jar or bottle to decorate during the daylight hours as well for an added touch.

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