How to Make a Concrete Planter Using an Old Towel

Any project involving concrete can end up in some pretty sticky situations. Luckily, DIY lovers like Cat from The Rustic Willow have thought up some genius ways to make the process easier. As this project shows us all, there’s a way to make any project simpler with the use of normal household items.

To create your own concrete planter using a towel, you only need six things: half a bag of Quikrete, a very sturdy mixing stick, two 5-gallon buckets, some gloves, a towel, and a little water. Be prepared to practice a little patience with this project, as it does take 24 to 48 hours for it to dry completely.

Here’s an overview of the process:

Once you have all the ingredients you need and your gloves on, you want to create a watery concrete mixture in order to repeatedly dunk a towel in it.

With every bit of the towel covered in the mix, you then leave it out to dry.
The final product is an absolutely adorable planter perfect for spring.

To find the full instructions, head over to Cat’s site here.

If you don’t want to take up precious porch space, or just don’t have the room for it, you could make a hanging planter that will really liven up your home. Or you can put another spin on this cement planter by crafting smaller cement planters to repurpose old orange juice containers, and save some porch space. If you have lots of space to fill, you can even mix and match all three to really give your home a boost. Either way, the results will be lovely!
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