How to Forever Fix Your Jean Problem With One Simple Trick

Finding the perfect pair of jeans is almost unheard of, and finding a pair that hug all your curves without bunching up or exposing any important bits is just plain difficult.

So many women face the one problem every day that allows anyone taller than your hip to see down your pants. Whether you’ve got a little extra junk in your truck or as thin as a twig, jeans will still leave that space between your back and the jeans, exposing your crack for the whole world to see.

Most people simply wear a belt or tuck in their shirt as a solution to the problem, but with this one simple trick, you will never need to worry about that again.

First, cut a piece of half-inch elastic into a strip that’s about six inches long. Find a thread that matches your jeans and bust out the sewing machine. Then, you simply sew it onto the inside of your jeans right where the gap pops up using a quick zig zag stitch to hold the elastic in place.

As you sew, start in the middle and pull the elastic as tight as you can. Just make sure you don’t pull the jeans as well or accidentally sew over any belt loops (as if you’ll even need them after you’re done)! By pulling the elastic tight, the jeans are forced to pull inwards, towards the body.

If you feel like you need a little extra support, you can always alter this by using a wider piece of elastic and sew more than one row of zigzag stitches to keep it in place.

Even better, if you ever want to reverse the process, all you need to do is take the elastic back out by simply removing a few stitches. This is an absolute dream come true for growing teenage daughters!

This simple trick will forever fix your pesky jean-gap problem, and you will never need to worry about someone being able to see down your pants again! 
How to Forever Fix Your Jean Problem With One Simple Trick How to Forever Fix Your Jean Problem With One Simple Trick Reviewed by Paul on 2:32 PM Rating: 5
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