21 Genius Ways To Organize Your Closets And Drawers

If finding space in your closet and drawers has become tricky, you may be trying to ignore the mess that just seems to stack up in your wake. Don’t let the clutter dominate your life anymore! Here are 21 ways to effectively organize and save space.

1. Utilize a shoe box

2. Use a pool noodle to keep your boots standing

3. Stack your shirts the other way

4. Create a system to get rid of things you don’t use anymore

5. Store nail polish in a shoe organizer, and divide them up by color

6. Use a fruit basket for things other than fruit

7. Repurposed hangers to store scarves

8. Roll clothing up to save space

9. Set up a system to organize your clothes

10. Hang up the laundry basket

11. Manipulate PVC pipe to organize drawers

12. Organize your shorts with shower rings

Monica Rose

13. Keep matching sheets together with pillow cases

14. Reuse holiday ornament packaging as sock organizers

15. Hang suitcases up

16. Employ old wine boxes to keep your shoes together

17. Control closet space with the help of soda can tabs

18. Ice cube trays are perfect for storing jewelry

19. Save space by moving the charging station into a drawer

20. Take out of season clothing out of the closet

21. Finally, the golden rule to cut down the clutter
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