19 Clever DIY Projects To Hide Eyesores Around The Home

19 Clever DIY Projects To Hide Eyesores Around The Home

No matter how clean we keep our houses, we all have a few things we would rather just not be seen… by anyone, ever. From everyday problems like tangled cords and exposed litter boxes to home improvement tasks like hiding your eyesore of an alarm system and ugly popcorn ceilings, these clever tricks will help you hide those ugly monstrosities you wish would just go away already!

1. Implement a drawer to hide a charging station

Whether you typically charge your phones and tablets in the bedroom, kitchen, or at a desk area, it can get messy with all the cords and devices charging. Avoid the mess and create a charging station like this that’s completely hidden instead.

2. Hide the radiator

If there’s a radiator sitting around your home, you can easily hide it by clicking here to learn how to complete this project.

3. Cover up damaged appliances with stainless steel sheets

In a very, very short amount of time you can go from having scratched appliances to shiny, refurbished tools. Learn more here.

4. Stash off-season shoes in a hidden compartment

Don’t throw your out of season shoes in a closet only for them to get dusty and possibly lost. With a storage bench, you can easily hide the shoes you might not need right now.

5.Throw a fresh coat of paint on old vents

With simple coat of paint, you can transform your ugly vents and have the house of your dreams in no time.

6. Disguise your cat’s litter box

Your home would look so much better without your pet’s litter box sitting in your living room. You could hide it in an unused bathroom, or transform it into a stylish planter.

7.Give your popcorn ceilings an upgrade

Not only do plank ceilings look better than outdate popcorn ceilings, they can really upgrade your entire home. Click here to learn how to take on this project yourself.

8.Hide an alarm system with some wall art

Alarm systems are big, bulky, and really stand out on a wall. Cover them up with some wall art like a painting to really transform your walls.

9. Use foam and fabric to cover up ugly shelves

If your shelving is run-down or you unfortunately have wire shelving, you can give them a boost with projects like this.

10. Tuck away TV cords 

With a hollow wall shelf, you can hide all those cords near your TV, creating a clean, tidy room. You can find the tutorial here.

11. Dress up pet crates

As a pet owner, crates can be an essential item for training and many other purposes. Now, you can learn how to camouflage yours by creating a crate cover here.

12. Use a full-length mirror to cover the clutter

Bathroom shelves can easily get cluttered, especially if you have a big family. With these directions, you can finally hide the clutter for good.

13. Mask your accessory collection with art

Who needs an average jewelry box when you can make the perfect one that no one ever knows is there?! Find the genius instructions here.

14. Strategically place plants to shield exposed plumbing

Not only will the plants add a splash of color to the bathroom, you can say goodbye to those exposed sink pipes.

15. Turn unseemly cable cords into wall décor

There are so many ways you can make this project your own. Check out Amazon to find décor clips.

16. Tuck away you router in a hollow book

Don’t look at unsightly routers. By hiding them in a book, your home will look its best, and no one will even know it’s there.

17. Take advantage of wall mounts in the bathroom

Wall mounts add style, and can be used as dispensers for paper towel rolls, tissues, and so much more.

18. Upgrade to reusable soap dispensers

Some plastic soap bottles are just plain ugly. By enabling refillable dispensers, you can create the look you want.

19. Make sure no one has to see your garbage bins again

Save space in your kitchen, and hide your trash with a pull-out trash receptacle.

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