17 Surprising Kitchen Tips And Tricks

17 Surprising Kitchen Tips And Tricks

When you’re getting crafty in the kitchen, the results can be surprisingly tasty. With these tips, your kitchen will be the yummiest place in town!

1. Substitute applesauce for sugar

If you ran out of sugar, don’t run to the store; use unsweetened applesauce in your baked goods.

2. Scoop egg shells

If you’re cooking and you drop a little piece of egg shell into the bowl, simply use the bigger portion of the egg shell to fish out the dropped piece.

3. Keep greens fresh

After you wash and dry your lettuce, portion into a plastic bag. Blow up the bag with air and seal it. Not only with your greens last longer, they will also already be portioned for you when you’re ready to eat.

4. Create yogurt popsicles

Just buy a pack of your favorite yogurt, place a popsicle stick into the closed yogurt pack, and freeze. You’ll end up with the healthiest popsicles perfect for summer.

5. Preserve your herbs

Don’t let your fresh herbs go to waste before you get a chance to use them. Place them into an ice cube tray with olive oil and freeze. When you’re cooking you can just grab your frozen herbs and throw them in the pot!

6. Tell if an egg is fresh

Perhaps you’re unsure whether or not your eggs are still good. Simply place the egg in water, and if the egg sinks, it is fresh. If one end of the egg rises slightly, they’re still good, but not as fresh. However, if the egg floats, it is bad and you should not eat it.

7. Cut soft foods with floss

Using unscented floss to cut things like cakes and cheese really makes life simpler!

8. Reuse an old Ketchup bottle

After you make your pancake batter, place it in a clean Ketchup bottle. When you’re ready to make pancakes, the batter is easier to pour into the pan, clean up, and you can easily save and reuse any leftover batter.

9. Spoon your ginger

Using a spoon to peel the skin off ginger will easily removes all the skin and bumpy parts of the ginger better than a knife or peeler. This trick can even works well for kiwis.

10. Prevent water from boiling over

When you’re boiling water, place a wooden spoon across the top of the pot. The water won’t boil over, and there will be no mess.

11. Easily make taco shells

If you’re making tacos for dinner, but don’t have any crunchy shells, you can easily make your own. Cook soft shells upside down directly on your oven rack, and you’ll have crunchy shells in no time.

12. Get more from your lemons and limes

Before cutting lemons and limes, roll them on the counter with your palm, lightly applying pressure. This will make the lemons and limes juicier.

13. Melt butter faster

If you need melted butter in a hurry, don’t risk microwaving it. Simply grate the butter, and it will melt quickly.

14. Create clear ice

If you make ice cubes from boiled water, they will end up clear. However, if you make ice cubes with room temperature or already clear water, they’ll become foggy after freezing.

15. Keep brown sugar soft

To keep your brown sugar soft, put some marshmallows into the container, and make sure it’s airtight. A damp piece of terra cotta also works just as well.

16. Hull strawberries

To easily hull strawberries, push the straw up through the bottom of the strawberry. The leaves should even come off too.

17. Cut corn off the cob

To cut corn off the cob easier, place to corn into the center hole of a Bundt pan. Then, cut it. The corn won’t slip around, and all of the corn will fall into the pan.
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