17 Creative Ways You Can Reuse an Old Crib

17 Creative Ways You Can Reuse an Old Crib

As little ones just keep getting bigger, the allure of tossing the things they’ve outgrown becomes more tempting. Instead of making that mistake with their crib, turn it into one of these awesome projects to spice up your home!

17 Creative Ways You Can Reuse an Old Crib

1. Tidy up your craft room

Whether you already have an organizational strategy for your craft materials or a mess on your hands, you can make an upcycled crib storage hanger.
Learn how to make it yourself here.

Tidy up your craft room

2. Create a kid’s crafting area

Keep all your kid’s arts and craft materials organized in style by applying the same tactic to a kid-friendly zone. They’re on the right track at Only-Decoration!

Create a kid’s crafting area

3. Spruce up a tired kitchen

Crib grates can even work well in the kitchen. Using hook screws and magnetic strips, you can create a storage area like instructables.com.

Spruce up a tired kitchen

4. Make your own china shelf

By hanging crib bars sideways, you can easily create your own china shelf. Visit somedaycrafts.blogspot.com to learn how.

5. Forge a Dr. Seuss-inspired book shelf

Encourage your kids to read with this Dr. Seuss-inspired shelf. You can follow the steps at diyhshp.blogspot.com.

6. Organize your magazine collection

Unclutter your living room by hanging your magazine over the wooden dowels of an old crib. Learn how it’s done at bluecricketdesign.net.

7. Assemble a wagon

Turn an old crib into an outdoor toy that’s also perfect for family trips to the park or outdoor picnics. Visit creatingbycami.blogspot.com to create your own rolling wagon.

8. Build a garden trellis

Check out how this handy outdoorsman transformed a thin-beamed crib into a garden trellis with this awesome YouTube video.

9. Customize your own outdoor caddy

Have everything you need right outside with you during family barbeques or fun outdoor parties with this creative outdoor caddy. Learn how to construct one for your backyard at consignmentsalequeen.net.

10. Utilize a chalk board

If you’re having any type of get-together, you can let your guests know they made it with this easy-to-build chalkboard sign. Visit the-red-kitchen.com for instructions to make it in time for your next big gathering.

11. Construct a comfortable chair

Who would’ve thought you could turn a baby crib into a comfy chair perfect for your front porch just by removing one side of the crib?! Place some decorative pillows around your new bench chair like the beautiful version at 2littlehooligans.com.

12. Shape your own porch swing

Add a fresh coat of paint, some pillow cushions, and some hefty rope or chain to transform your old crib into a modern porch swing. Learn more at lumberjocks.com.

13. Decorate in style

Even the spring can be put to use! Use it to hang materials from your kitchen ceiling or decorate your space by hanging candles from it like itsy-bits-and-pieces.blogspot.com.

14. Organize your jewelry 

Keep your necklaces from getting tangled with this jewelry holder. Check out farmgirlpaints.blogspot.com.

15. Invent a plant holder

Hang you potted plants from the spring board to let them bask in the sunlight. Make your own by visiting consignmentsalequeen.net.

16. Restructure it into a toddler bed

Don’t buy all new furniture! Use the old crib to create a new toddler bed by following the steps at machteld-embroidery.blogspot.com.

17. Turn it into a cozy dog bed

Once your toddler gets too big for their restructured crib, you can even turn it into a dog chair. Learn how with this video.

Don’t waste your old crib by throwing it out! With these DIY tips, you can successfully and easy repurpose it in no time!
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