16 Ways to Hack into Fashion

You may be wondering, “Is it even possible to hack your way into great fashion?” Thanks to the genius people who came up with these 16 perfect ideas, you’ll be well prepared for any fashion problem that may come your way.

1. Drawstrings always seem to find a way to fall out. Instead of tossing that hoddie, re-thread it with the helpful use of a straw.

2. If your hem is too long but you don’t have time to break out the sewing machine, use a glue gun.

3. Tuck in your bra straps with a paper clip to hide them.

4. Stick your jeans in the freezer overnight to reduce odors if you forgot to wash them.

5. Use baby powder when you get oil on your shirt.

6. Spilling red wine can be fixed with the help of salt. It will soak up the stain in no time.

Vine Pair

7. Ever wished your favorite pair of jeans could last forever? By adding a ½ cup of vinegar to their first wash, you can extend their lifespan.

8. Using a hair straightener, you can fix wonky shirt collars.

9. If you have wrinkled clothes, simply send them through a quick spin in the dryer. Try adding a little moisture like a wet sock to boost the results.

10. Stretch out shoes that are too small with bags of ice.

11. The use of clean, non-toxic nail polish can fix snagged or ripped stockings.

12. A salad spinner can help quickly dry clothes that need to be hand-washed.

13. Jeans can bunch up uncomfortably when you put on boots, but if you tuck them in like this, you won’t need to pair your boots with skinny jeans ever again.

14. For a zipper that won’t stay up on its own, you can add some security.

15. Accidents happen, and sometimes we shrink out favorite clothes. With a little baby shampoo and an awesome tutorial, you can unshrink them in no time.

16. Finding the perfect necklace and shirt combination can take time, but not with handy cheat sheets like this:
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