10 Fun Paint Chip DIY Projects

10 Fun Paint Chip DIY Projects

While walking by the paint section at any home improvement store, it’s difficult to not become distracted by the various colors scattering the walls. Perhaps you sometimes find yourself even looking at the colors, and taking some paint chips home, intending to save the colors for a later date where they just accumulate. Instead of letting paint chips just sit around your home, use them to create something wonderful. Regardless of the size or color of the chips, there are ways to use them that you may not have even thought of. Even better, paint chips are free, so these fun DIY paint chip projects won’t cost much at all.

1. Mobile chandelier

This adorable craft is perfect to hang over a bed or in the nursery. Because you can choice any color scheme you prefer, it’s perfect for just about any room. Check out how to make it yourself here.  

2. Rainbow wall

This fun idea can spice up any dull wall. Create your own spunky office, or modify it with calmer tones for a mellower feel. See the instructions here.  

3. Calendar

Stop wasting money on paper calendars that you’re only going to throw away; make your own reusable version! You can modify the colors as you see fit for different seasons, and even choose your own frame. Here, you can find an awesome version.  

4. Coasters

Even the different names of paint shades are fun! With this project, you can incorporate the names into the finished product. Stop looking for the perfect coasters to match your living room, watch the tutorial here.  

5. Abstract wall art

Bright, abstract wall art is all the rage right now. If you want to make a room really pop without a heafty price tag, you can create your own trendy art with paint chips. See how it’s done here

6. Wall mobile

Any little girl would love this mobile idea. Heck, grown women love this idea too! You could create different versions for holiday decorations, or even use different shapes. You can find the steps here.  

7. 3D Art

Whether you prefer a peacock or the sunset, you can create awesome textured art like this and this. They not only create a 3D effect that will really stand out in your living room, you can modify this idea in countless ways!  

8. Gift tags

Gift tags are an unnecessary expense that only ends up in the trash anyway. Simply cut a cool design into any paint chip, hole punch it, and tie with some ribbon or string to save some money and still have amazing looking gift wrap. That’s it! You can make them in a hurry!  

9. Napkin holder

Not only will this take your dinner part game to the next level, your guests will be absolutely enthralled with your skills. You can change the colors or the napkin and paint chips to go along with the seasons, and modify them further by including names (saving even more on name cards). Just cut two slits through the paint chip and pull the napkin through!

10. Necklace

Make your own jewelry that no one else out there has! You can create necklaces for your friends and loved ones easily here.
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